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Skoolbo aims to positively transform educational outcomes for millions of children.
We are driven by the belief that global illiteracy and innumeracy is solvable and radical improvement is possible whatever the circumstances.

Skoolbo is a Learning Media Company with offices in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Canada and Vietnam.

Skoolbo apps are used in over 200,000 classrooms worldwide to inspire and engage active learning.




  • early /

    Skoolbo Launches in Singapore

  • August /

    Australia, NZ, UK and USA launched

  • August /

    65% Australian Schools and 75% New Zealand Schools reached

  • December /

    15K Schools onboard and USA wins our first World Cup

  • March /

    India launches during the Indian Premier League season

  • april /

    Spanish, Chinese and French language learning games live

  • July /

    London beats New York in first city challenge

  • March /

    1 Billion answers

  • April /

    Ruggerland launched in partnership with New Zealand Rugby

  • May /

    CODiE Award for Best Game-based Curriculum Solution

  • June /

    Canada launched

the Team

  • Shane Hill

    CEO & Founder

    Shane taught for eleven years before moving into the world of educational technology by founding his first company 3P learning. Shane believes that learning should be fun and that all children should be able to benefit from great elearning no matter where they live. It is for this reason he has spent the last twelve years inventing educational games used by millions of children including Mathletics, Spellodrome, da vinci Decathlon, Friend our World and Skoolbo.
    In 2013 Shane was awarded the global corporate social responsibility award for his impact on education. In his heart Shane is still a teacher he just has a bigger class.
    Shane lives in Canberra.

  • Colin Brown

    Chief Operating Officer

    Colin’s career has covered a lot of ground, from brokering deals between multinationals, developing education frameworks for industry, implementing technology systems across sectors, publishing magazines, coaching Oxford in the Boat Race and deploying mobile swimming pools around London. Colin has travelled all around the world helping children access education through technology.
    Colin simply aims to be the most networked and organized person in the room.
    Colin lives in London.

  • Julien Picot

    Chief Financial Officer

    Julien prides himself on being the most entrepreneurial CFO you will ever meet. Whether that is running large corporations or early stage businesses Julien prides himself on being hands-on as well as strategic.
    Julien lives in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Karl Bistany

    Board member

    Karl is one of the foremost experts on sports and media rights across the globe. Karl was Chief Executive of CSI Television - Octagon CSI.
    Karl works for the representation of rights holders including UEFA Euro 2004™ Championships, The Football Association (of England), The English Premier League, the Football League, the Cricket Boards of Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and Zimbabwe, the New Zealand Rugby Union, Six Nations Rugby and World Superbikes to managing the company’s production division.
    Karl lives in London.

  • Francois Pienaar

    Board member

    Francois is one of the most iconic sports figures in the world having famously captained South Africa to success in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Francois was acknowledged at that time as an inspiring leader, with an uncompromising approach to commitment. Nelson Mandela said; “Under Francois inspiring leadership a nation came together”.
    Francois, a law graduate, has a fierce passion for education and in 2003 founded the Make A Difference Leadership foundation. In 2009 Francois left the corporate world and founded ‘Advent Sport Entertainment and Media’, a multi media rights company with focus on grassroots sports, arts and culture.
    Francois lives in Cape Town.

  • Jeff Halley

    Board member

    Jeff has spent over 30 years working in financial markets around the world. He appears regularly on various TV networks in Asia as a guest commentator. Jeff also advises a number of startups in Singapore on business planning and fundraising. Jeff takes a perverse pleasure in perfecting their elevator pitches into two plain English sentences!
    Jeff first came into contact with Skoolbo through his his love of travel and charity work in Thailand and Uganda. He passionately believes that education is the right of all children everywhere and technologies role in enabling this.
    Jeff has an MBA from Cass Business School London, is a qualified pilot and continues to play rugby well past his sell by date.
    Jeff lives in Singapore.

  • Le Vu Hoang Minh

    Chief Development Officer

    Minh was a gifted student who won many Mathematics competitions during his early years and was awarded a scholarship by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After graduating from National University of Singapore, he started his career in game development working for various studios in Shanghai and Singapore. In 2011, inspired by Skoobo mission on lifting children learning outcomes through technology, Minh joined Skoolbo at the start of the Skoolbo journey. Minh loves solving problems and aims to keep Skoolbo at the cutting edge of engaging technology.
    Minh lives in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Jonathan Geraghty

    Director, Media Adviser

    Primarily a television director, Jonathan has also worked on theatre, multi-media and web series. He has directed over 150 episodes of serial dramas, including Home & Away, Neighbours and Crash Palace. In 2005 Jonathan shifted his focus to children's television and early childhood education. He has directed over 260 episodes of pre-school television including Hi-5 / Hi-5 House and Raggs. He continues to be the principal director on Hi-5 and has overseen its transition through three owners and several different casts. Hi-5 House won an Asia TV award for best pre-school program in 2015. Jonathan believes early childhood education is a fundamental determinant of a child's future. He is an avid supporter of Skoolbo and has been their media adviser since 2013. Joanthan lives in Sydney, Australia.

our Apps

Zippy Shine
Lullaby Pets
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Skoolbo is a Mathematics & Literacy game for children ages 4 to 12.  
Skoolbo’s algorithm continually assesses every single answer, providing immediate feedback and adjusting the learning for each individual.  
This moves children progressively towards stronger understanding and greater independence.  
We employ game-based sprint methodology which, similar to sports training, has short intense periods of learning followed by rest. This fast-paced learning, along with the exciting 3D learning worlds, ensures children remain fully engaged for the duration of the activity.  
Skoolbo is used for:  
* Reading
* Spelling
* Comprehension
* Math
* Languages (Spanish, French and Mandarin)


Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars combines our Kiwi kids’ love for rugby with key areas of learning. What amazing motivation!
* Spelling Legends: Essential Spelling Levels 1-8
* Maori Mega Heroes: 32 Te Reo content areas
* Samoan Superstars: 32 Samoan content areas
* Kiwi All Stars: Maths, Literacy and General Knowledge quiz questions
* Rugger Slimers: All Blacks and world rugby questions
Ruggerland Kiwi All Stars provides short bursts of focused learning within a fun game environment.
Kiwi Kids can track their progress as they move from the status of Little Ripper to Super Black!

Zippy Shine is packed full of mini-stories and jokes for children.
They can read aloud and record themselves with their own name appearing in every story.
Once their performance is perfected, they can play it back for friends and family with their avatar taking centre stage!

Zippy shine will help children to:
* Evaluate their own reading performance
* Comprehension skills
* Concepts of expression and intonation
* Recognise and respond to punctuation in a meaningful context
* Read questions and deliver a punchline with expert timing.

Lullaby Pets

Lullaby Pets, created by global educator Skoolbo, helps parents get their children to sleep.
Lullaby Pets is a series of charming animated stories and songs for children aged 0-3 years old that contains:
Adorable animated bunnies who are ready for bed
Original songs which slowly fade to silence over 50 minutes
Lullaby Pets helps parents:
Soothe their child to sleep
Gain time back
Relax knowing that this will be an easy part of your bedtime routine

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